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Joe Andre

OEM Coordinator

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house 99 Tower Drive
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The Town of Wallkill Office of Emergency Management is tasked with developing and maintaining a Comprehensive Emergency Management plan, to deal the variety of emergencies the Town of Wallkill may be faced with. Whether the emergency is manmade or caused by nature, we must be ready to respond, mitigate and recover from the challenges caused by the emergency.

OEM logoThe plan coordinates the response of the many agencies within the Town of Wallkill, it also ensures that all town entities work together in the best interest of the people who live, work and visit the Town of Wallkill every day. In doing such; these efforts could be seen in response to a major emergency, as well as a response to an everyday emergency. The plan is tested on a regular basis and updated as needed; this ensures the response, mitigation and recovery phases will go as seamlessly as possible.

The Town of Wallkill Office of Emergency Management is a committee consisting of representatives of the Town of Wallkill (Town Board, Town Employees), Fire Districts, Police Department, EMS agencies, and businesses within the Town of Wallkill. Also included in the Emergency Management Committee are representatives from the New York State Police and Orange County Sheriff’s Office, as they may respond to emergencies within the Town of Wallkill. The committee meets on a regular basis, during these meetings we develop new strategies and plans to better deal with emergencies that occur within the Town of Wallkill. 

Community Spotlight

Town of Wallkill Police Youth Coalition
Now is a great time to sign up and get involved with the Town of Wallkill Police Youth Coalition as they plan their 2021 events,  It is a great program for young people to go to shows, go to games and have fun while learning respect and community involvement.