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The Police Community Council for the Town of Wallkill was established in October of 2004. The Council is a liaison between the Police Department and the Community. The Council is made up of volunteers, and Board Members are elected every two years. Our motto is “Your Police, Our Community.”  Public meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month, ten times a year. During the year, we present awards for Officer of the Quarter, Officer of the Year, and Certificates of Appreciation to residents and businesses. Additionally, guest speakers are scheduled throughout the year to educate and address residents and Police Department concerns. 

We are also instrumental in setting up Neighbor Block Watches for those neighborhoods that are facing quality of life issues. Working closely with the Police to establish a good quality of life for our residents, we saw a need for residents to get to know their Police Officer, thus a Park, Walk and Talk program, was implemented. wallkillPD councilBy an Officer getting out of the patrol car and walking down the streets, residents have an opportunity to interact with the Officers on a personal basis, therefore, establishing the trust needed to report safety and crime issues.
Officers also attended our meetings every month to report back to residents on issues of concern and how they were resolved. A common concern of our Block Watches centered on issues with the youth in our town. This coupled with limited activities for today’s youth, led to the creation of the Police Youth Coalition. Funding for our Police Youth Coalition is provided by the Orange County Youth Bureau.     




Community Spotlight

Town of Wallkill Police Youth Coalition
Now is a great time to sign up and get involved with the Town of Wallkill Police Youth Coalition as they plan their 2021 events,  It is a great program for young people to go to shows, go to games and have fun while learning respect and community involvement.